Teaching and Opportunities


I have been a teaching assistant in numerous Biology undergraduate and Masters courses at Macquarie University and University of New South Wales. I really enjoy teaching Biostatistics and Animal Behaviour.


If you are interested in getting some research experience, get in touch!
I did a lot of volunteering during my undergrad and after my B.Sc and always found these experiences invaluable.

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You get to figure out what kind of science you like, gain new skills but also develop existing ones – you also make some good friends on the way…

At the moment, I have two projects at the moment that could use a helping hand!

  1. Off to a bad start – the effects of early-life environments on growth rate and aging – more info here
  2. My bad side – Lateralisation (side bias) of male aggressive behaviours in Eastern Water Skinks

Feel free to contact me for more info!