For Sydney Science Festival this year, I was luckily invited to take part in two events. The first event, I was a guest on a live podcast recording for In Situ Science. It was hosted by  James O’Hanlon (UNE) and I was joined by Cameron Webb from NSW Health, Samuel Banister from USyd and Katherina Petrou from UTS. We discussed what it meant to be a scientist and the ups and downs of the job. It was great fun, filled with many laughs from both the panel and the audience. Will post the link here once the podcast has been released!

The second event I took part in was a panel discussion with arludo. The panel consisted of 4 scientists from UNSW, Teagan Gale (Evolutionary Biology), Daniel Makinlay (Maths) and Anna-Maree Syme (Chemistry). We had an audience of Year 7 students and were also live-streaming on YouYube! The goal of the event was to show kids that science is about is NOT a linear process and involves asking questions and solving problems. We played a virtual reality game with the audience which collected everyone’s scores and afterwards, we discussed the patterns in the results and formulated hypotheses about them. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see kids get excited about our work. Check out the livestream here

JUNE 2019

arludo youtube live

I like video games and I like science. Arludo is about putting the two together in order to teach kids about science! Mike Kasumovic invited me to go ‘live’ with him with a classroom to play his arludo game (Xenon crowe). We played the game and discussed the data collected from our attempts in the context on how predators learn about their prey.
You can watch our interaction here


insitu science podcast

I took a 8hr train to visit my buddy James O’Hanlon and Siobhan Dennison in Armidale. Catching up turned into recording my first ever podcast! Tune in here and all the other cool podcast James has produce! Keep the podcast going by donating or being a patron of the podcast here!

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MAY 2019 – I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the Pint of Science festival! Science chats over beers and pub grub is a real dream come true! I talked about animal intelligence and the state of the knowledge of lizard intelligence research. Was a lot of fun and it was great to spruke the research done by some amazing female herpetologists!

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Check out this twitter feed for a quick recap!

DECEMBER 2018 – Our research on social learning in an Australian family living skink was featured in the Herpetological Highlights podcast! Listen here: https://herphighlights.podbean.com/ or on iTunes: http://ow.ly/GxR930mUwqg

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AUGUST 2018 – I was selected to be a part of the first cohort of the UNSW Maths and Science Champion program. Its amazing to work with like-minded people to tackle the gender-gap and to promote diversity  in STEMM


APRIL 2018 – Did some voice over with arludo. Arludo works with scientists to create an education app to help kids get excited about science!

SEPTEMBER 2017 – Highlight in the September Issue of Animal Cognition

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APRIL 2016 – Australian Society of Evolution feature


MARCH 2016 – International Women’s Day

Twitter feature by MQU on International Women's Day

AUGUST 2015 – Cairns Post feature

Cairns Post by Daniel Bateman