About Me

I never thought I’d be a Scientist…

I discovered my passion for Animal Behaviour during the second year of my undergraduate degree. A very inspiring lecturer (Dr. Anne Gaskett)  showed the class a


BBC documentary clip and discussed the exciting research behind the amazing footage.
Since then, I was hooked.  Every step I’ve made brought me closer to becoming a Behavioural Ecologist.

I have really broad research interests in Behavioural Ecology, simply because…I am captivated by everything. Phenotypic plasticity, Animal Personality, Animal Cognition, Conservation Behaviour, Animal Communication, Sociality …. the list can go on. I am still finding my niche but I think I will really KNOW when I found a question I want to spend the next my career answering.

I moved to Sydney in 2014 to do my Masters of Research at Macquarie University with Dr. Daniel Noble and A/Prof Martin Whiting at the Lizard Lab. My project focussed on what makes winners win contests and the consequences of winning fights on the ability to learn from others in the eastern water skink.

IMGP4068I am currently in my second year of my PhD journey at UNSW with Dr. Daniel Noble and A/Prof Shinchi Nakagawa in the Inter-disciplinary Ecology and Evolution Lab. The main focus of my PhD is to understand how phenotypic plasticity and integration evolves and how early-life environments can influences plasticity. I am using a lizard species as a model to test questions about how incubation environment changes an individual’s physiology, behaviour, cognition and life-history .

There is no other job like research and that’s why I enjoy it so much! Everyday is different, every project, every system. Not every solution is transferrable to another, there is always something unique, which makes tackling questions so fun, yet so challenging!





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